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By 1886 Bucktown/East End had many bars and restaurants, accessible via the Carrollton Railroad and the steamer Virginia which traveled to and from Mobile, and many of the current streets had been laid out. During the late 1800s and early 1900s Bucktown was known for its gambling houses and brothels. This 1924 map section shows the streets existing in this area at that time.

In 1859 Theodore Bruning moved his Carrollton restaurant to Buctown/East End. There were no levees and roads flooded from September to April so Mr. Bruning opened his doors from Easter Sunday until Labor Day of each year. In 1886 Bruning’s moved to the location it remained in until Hurricane Georges badly damaged it in 1998. The restaurant moved to an on-land building next door where Bruning’s served seafood until Hurricane Katrina destroyed the West End/East End area. Bruning's was the third oldest restaurant in New Orleans; only Antoine's and Tujaques pre-dated it. For a time Bruning’s had dancing waitresses and rows of slot machines. During the early 1900s J.C. Bruning owned and operated the White Squadron -- 42 white fishing boats (16 and 18 feet long) which he rented for 50 cents per day.

The landmark Bruning home was built in 1893 by Capt. John C. Bruning. John Bruning was credited with saving many lives as he watched storms from the lookout on the roof of his house. After a 1910 fire destroyed much of the small community he organized the volunteer fire department. During the 1950s he served on the Jefferson Parish School Board. Mr. Bruning passed away in 1962 at the age of 91.

(Courtesy the Library of Congress.)