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Orleans/Jefferson Parish Boundary Changes


Compare this view of the parish boundary in 1880 and note that the northernmost line has shifted from Pontchartrain Boulevard to the 17th Street Canal. This accounts for the West End area often being referred to, though the early part of the twentieth century, as “East End” (the eastern end of Jefferson Parish). The lower parish line has swung dramatically to the west. The City of Carrollton, Jefferson City, and Lafayette City have been returned to New Orleans. (Courtesy of the New Orleans Public Library)

In 1847 the boundary between Orleans Parish and Jefferson Parish followed the New Basin Canal (now Pontchartrain Boulevard) and Felicity Street. All land to the left of the boundary line belonged to Jefferson Parish even though Metairie had been a part of the parish of Orleans since the early 1700s. (Courtesy of the New Orleans Public Library).


This diagram lists areas as they were settled or annexed to New Orleans. Lafayette City was returned to Orleans Parish in 1852. Jefferson City was annexed from Jefferson Parish in 1870. Carrollton City was removed from Jefferson Parish four years later. Note that Mid-City and Lakeview did not begin to develop until the 1920s – they are newer than the older parts of Metairie. (Courtesy of the New Orleans Public Library.)

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