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1849 Bayou Tchoupitoulas

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In 1885 Norman Walker wrote, “On bayou Tchoupitoulas, which courses through the suburbs of the city, emptying into Lake Pontchartrain, are to be found relics of the old Indian town Tchou-tchouma, or “the city of the sun,” which antedated by countless centuries “the Crescent city.” Here are primeval shell-mounds and Indian burial-grounds, still well-stored with prehistoric bones, the re-mains, perhaps, of some feast of those Louisiana cannibals, the Attakapas (man-eaters), of whom the French settlers were so much in dread. Walker was describing another bayou named Tchoupitoulas that flowed in what is now the Causeway/lakefront area.   A detail from an 1849 map shows the Bayou Tchoupitoulas which Walker described above. East of bayou, Indian Bayou and a shell bank can be seen. The land shown here now includes the Causeway and Bucktown areas.