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East of Carrollton, the faubourgs of Greenville, Foucher, Burthe, Rickerville, and Bouligny were incorporated as Jefferson City in 1850. Like Carrollton this area had been a part of Jefferson Parish since 1825. Jefferson City returned to Orleans Parish in 1870. It was first named the “Borough of Free Port” Nayades Street would later be renamed St. Charles Avenue. (Courtesy of the University of Tennessee.)

Established in 1890, the Jefferson City Buzzards is the oldest New Orleans Carnival marching club. Their five mile route from headquarters at 5801 Tchoupitoulas Street ends on Poydras Street. At Canal Street they precede the Rex parade. Before the area was incorporated as the Jefferson Parish city of Jefferson it was known as the Faubourg Bouligny, named for the plantation owner Louis Bouligny. When the area was subdivided some streets were named for Napoleon's victories; Austerlitz, Jena, Valence, Cadiz, and Marengo. Napoleon Avenue was one of its major streets. Jefferson City included what we now call Uptown New Orleans. Pictured are the Jefferson City Buzzards marching in 1925.