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In the 1961 photograph we see the new Lakeside Shopping Center at Veterans and Causeway. Considered a regional shopping center, Lakeside was built in the then modern mall style with a vehicular-free open-air pedestrian-only central court. It offered the largest parking facilities in the south. For the first time, D.H. Holmes, Godchaux’s, and Kreeger’s opened off-Canal Street locations in Lakeside. The mall’s one-stop-shopping experience included a T.G.& Y., Walgreen’s, Winn Dixie, and Western Auto. The modernistic lights at Lakeside were the talk of the day and could be seen from miles away.  When Lakeside Shopping Center opened in 1960 it touted its stores as being “all under one roof” but the center court was open to the elements. It was enclosed and air-conditioned in 1968. In 1966 Holmes enlarged its Lakeside location but was still proud in 1975 to announce that its suburban stores in Metairie and on the West Bank were located in enclosed air-conditioned malls.  (Courtesy of the Jefferson Parish Yearly Review.)