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1849 Kenner, Soniat, & Labarre

Unknown Dates
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To the far left is the land deeded to Minor Kenner (with a Magnolia Grove) that would become the city of Kenner. Louis Trudeau’s abuts Kenner’s property. Pierre Sauve owned the land where the crevasse occurred. Other land owners whose names are still familiar to local residents include Soniat and Labarre. The New Carrollton and Carrollton areas can be seen on the far right. In this Sauve’s Crevasse map detail below the Metairie and Gentilly Ridges can be viewed (running east to west) as they converge at Bayou St. John. The Carrollton and Lafayette sections (2nd map below) as well as the faubourgs between them (which would become the city of Jefferson) were annexed from the Parish of Orleans when Jefferson Parish was established in 1825. (Courtesy of the University of Tennessee).